A $270,000 Weekend!

The annual COPi Cup Invitational Pro-Am presented by Legistics celebrated its 10th anniversary over the weekend, with this year’s event raising $270,000 for the SCGA Junior Golf Foundation’s scholarship fund. Our annual invitational provides the fund with sustained income. The event’s 10-year total increased to $1.62 million raised, providing a significant boost to fund scholarships … Continue reading A $270,000 Weekend!

Phil Frengs receives philanthropy award

The Lynn Smith Award is not given out annually. It's awarded only when there's a particular recipient deserving of the honor — someone who makes outstanding contributions and provides a high level of service to amateur golf in Southern California. The final criterion the Southern California Golf Association considers in making this award is this: … Continue reading Phil Frengs receives philanthropy award

The Ninth COPi Cup : Sacrificing the ‘Stache

COPi Cup founder and Legistics CEO Phil Frengs will do almost anything to raise money for a good cause. Our annual tournament at Pebble Beach supports the SCGA Junior Scholarship Program, and this year's event showed his commitment. When one attendee offered to match donations if Phil would shave his mustache, other players joined in. … Continue reading The Ninth COPi Cup : Sacrificing the ‘Stache

A quarter of a million dollars in one weekend

From left: Phil Frengs, Scott Miller, Chip Humphries, Gerry Hribel, Daniel Ragsdale and Mark Pfeil. But the real winners are the scholarship recipients of SCGA Junior! That's how much money we raised for scholarships at the seventh annual  COPi Cup Invitational Pro-Am Tournament at Pebble Beach  ($223,785 to be perfectly accurate.) Conceived and sponsored by Legistics, Inc., … Continue reading A quarter of a million dollars in one weekend

​New fundraising record set at 2018 COPi Cup

March came in like a lion this year at the 6th Annual COPi Cup Invitational Pro-Am golf tournament sponsored by Legistics. While the weather was sunny and clear, it was the blizzard of giving that distinguished this bracing weekend of “Competition, Camaraderie and Charity.” Held on the legendary links at Pebble Beach and Spyglass Hill from March 3-5, … Continue reading ​New fundraising record set at 2018 COPi Cup

Legistics features SCGA Junior

In Legistics' monthly Collaborating for Good series, the February spotlight focuses on SCGA Junior. Naturally the COPi Cup is a significant part of the Legistics' support of the charity. The event is a major source of funding for scholarships and the other good work SCGA Junior does. For more information about the organization, visit Legistics: Collaborating for Good.