A quarter of a million dollars in one weekend

From left: Phil Frengs, Scott Miller, Chip Humphries, Gerry Hribel, Daniel Ragsdale and Mark Pfeil. But the real winners are the scholarship recipients of SCGA Junior!

That’s how much money we raised for scholarships at the seventh annual  COPi Cup Invitational Pro-Am Tournament at Pebble Beach  ($223,785 to be perfectly accurate.)

Conceived and sponsored by Legistics, Inc., the fundraiser is named after the firm’s forerunner, The COPi Companies. This year, it was again co-sponsored by clothier Matte Grey, with help from Jim Nantz’s award-winning winery, The Calling.

The COPi Cup is a 2-day event celebrating “Camaraderie, Competition and Charity”. It was created to fund scholarships for underserved kids who are often the first members of their families to attend college.

This financial assistance is provided by the SCGA Junior Golf Foundation, but eligibility is not about competitive performance or athletic scholarships. Instead, through their involvement with SCGA Junior, these high schoolers become eligible for aid based on their leadership skills, their academic achievement, their committed participation and their mentorship to younger golfers. 

For 2019, our winning team was led by North Ranch Country Club head pro Scott Miller, with talented amateurs Gerry Hribel, Chip Humphries and Daniel Ragsdale. Kyle Mendoza of South Hills Country Club was the pro champion.

Still, charity is the name of this particular game. Many of our generous participants and matching sponsors have returned every year since we started The COPi Cup in 2013. To date, we’ve raised $867,435 and changed the lives of dozens of kids and their families.

For that, we (and they) are truly grateful. Thanks. 

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